Nashik Rivers’ Bulletin (25/03/2018 – 31/03/3018)

Nashik Rivers’ Bulletin at Reconnecting with Godavari will give you regular updates about river management, opinions, and activities related to rivers in Nashik.


  • Deconcretization of Godavari Riverbed announced by NMC
  • STP at Gangapur to start functioning by September
  • Environment Minister urges to stop the flow of effluents into the rivers of the city
  • Environmentalists urged NMC to release water into Godavari, as per NEERi’s recommendations
  • Was water released for Godavari or Ram Navami or downstream regions?
  • ‘Smart Model’ of Mula-Mutha riverfront development with SPV and Smart City Scheme


The long-term demand of de-concretization of the historic kunds in Godavari, recently got a green signal from NMC. Let us hope that NMC is able to undo the destruction of Godavari riverbed done in 2003.

Sewage Treatment Plants are the foremost need of the developing cities like Nashik. But have the NMC taken into consideration the long-term management and up-gradation of the STPs? Because of this issue the sewage treatment infrastructures are failing in several cities across India.

Inspite of being a powerful organization MPCB is unable to keep checks and control of industrial pollution.

River Ecology

Inspite of being directed by the Mumbai High Court, why there is a need to remind the administration time and again to maintain the flow of Godavari?

Was water released for Godavari or Ram Navami or downstream regions?

De-silting of rivers is necessary, but the process of de-siltation should be done in a scientific manner where the disturbance to the riverbed is minimum.

People’s Voice

The article gives an analysis of proposed developments under Smart City Projects and formulation of SPV for the rivers in Pune.

Like every other riverfront development projects in India, the beautification and re-development of the river edge is the focus.
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